February 3, 2016

Ladysmith Nursing Home


715-532-5546 | 1001 E 11th St N, Ladysmith, WI 54848

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Equal Opportunity

We are committed to the policy ensuring equal opportunity in service delivery. To this end we believe no otherwise qualified person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of or otherwise be subject to discrimination in any manner on the basis of age, race, color, handicap, sex, creed, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, arrest or conviction status, and treatment in all of our programs and activities. We recognize that fulfillment of this policy will maintain compliance with all applicable federal, state and local rules and regulations.

Cheryl Kelley, Administrator, is our Equal Opportunity (EO) Coordinator. You are encouraged to discuss any concerns of civil right nature with the EO Coordinator. The EO Coordinator may be reached by telephone between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday at 532-5546.



Ladysmith Nursing Home offers in-house therapy. Our therapists are experienced dedicated individuals who want see each resident achieve their highest level of independence. We offer exercise stations on the patio where you enjoy the landscape and weather while doing therapy.We may also, for therapy benefits, incorporate the use of the Wii. Whether your need is long term or short term our therapy department along with the rest of our interdisciplinary team help reach and maintain your goals in an individual-centered health care approach.

Physical Therapy

Our licensed therapist examine, evaluate, diagnose, develop treatment plans, and provide prognosis for each resident on an individual basis. Therapy is provided to each resident that has sustained disabilities, impairments, or limitations in their overall physical function. These deviations can be the result of disease, injury, or pathological processes. Working with the resident, family and attending physician the therapist will set individual goals to restore function, improve mobility, and decrease pain. Treatments to meet these goals consist of strengthening exercises, ambulation training, balance and coordination exercises, as well as stretches to help range of motion and mobility. Our therapy department utilizing the Wii which works on balance, coordination and endurance while enjoying a game of golf, bowling, tennis or baseball in a controlled environment. Another unique option for therapy is using our outdoor circuit. Over the course of a rehabilitation stay, our physical therapists and assistant’s document progress, re-evaluate physical findings, and modify treatment strategies as appropriate. Also available are home evaluations to help the transition into the best possible environment upon discharge.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants work to maximize independent function through utilizing purposeful activities. Function can be impaired in persons who are limited by physical injury or illness, psychosocial dysfunction, developmental or learning disability or the aging process. Our therapists work to prevent further disability, achieve and maintain health and productivity. Working with the resident, family, and attending physician the therapist will set individual goals to maintain independent dressing, grooming and bathing, using adaptive equipment as needed. Resistive exercises, weights, games and even a Wii system is used for coordination, balance, and dexterity. Many residents who are here for short term rehab successfully return to their own home.

Speech Therapy

The therapist evaluates and treats the following disorders or delays: articulation (pronunciation of words), fluency (stuttering), voice, receptive language (comprehension), expressive language, pragmatic language (social skills), oral motor skills and swallowing. The Speech therapists skills can be utilized by a variety of people with unique needs. However, commonly speech therapists work with persons who have been affected by strokes (CVAs). They evaluate the safety of swallowing, what type or consistency of food can appropriately be swallowed, and can work on any speech deficits the person may have been left with as a result of the stroke.


Health Care Services

A dedicated team of RNs, LPNs and certified nursing assistances provides individualized care to meet each resident’s physical and psychological needs.  Our professionally trained staff is focused on the daily needs and care of each individual while always remembering this is their home. Nursing is provided 24-hours a daily to meet the holistic needs of our residents and to ensure the highest level of support and functioning for each resident.  Time is provided for each resident to express their individual problems and concerns, maintaining their personal rights and dignities. Specialty nursing services are provided as needed.

  • Medication Management
  • Rapid Recovery Care Program – Short Term Care
  • In-house Hospice/Palliative Care
  • Restorative nursing
  • IV therapy
  • Laboratory Services – blood draws done  in-house
  • Respiratory Therapy

Medical Services

In its commitment to excellence, Ladysmith Nursing Home works with your primary physicians through regular visits in-house as well as assisting in making appointments and setting up transportation when needed.

  • Medical Director
    With a specialty in geriatric medicine provides regular onsite visits and participates in our facility quality efforts through its Quality Council
  • Pharmacy
    Contracted with local pharmacy to provide evaluation of each resident’s medication regimen and works with nursing to ensure safe medication practices
  • 24-hour lab and x-ray
    Services contracted with area hospitals and clinics
  • Other Health Care Services as Needed
    Consulting or specialty services: Upon request of the physician, appointments will be made to see a specialist
  • Transportation
    Affiliated with Ladysmith Nursing Home is Key Care in which 24-hour non-emergency medical or non-medical transportation is available

Podiatry, psychiatric, and Wound Care

  • Podiatry Services
    Podiatry care and treatment services are offered in-house
  • Psychiatric Services
    Services for behavioral health, medication management and routine evaluations are provided in-house via Tela med.  Also 24-hour on-call telephone consultation from physicians available
  • Wound Therapy
    Nursing staff works closely with each physician and a Clinical Wound Specialist to make sure appropriate wound care is provided.  Clinical Specialist makes regular onsite visits and is available 24-hours daily for consultation

Case Management

Ladysmith Nursing Home takes a holistic approach using the “Wisconsin Star Method” to establish goals which help our residents reach and maintain an optimal level of functioning. In promoting this systematic approach our interdisciplinary team of professional nurses, therapist, social worker, activity, dietitian and support staff works closely with the resident, family and attending physician.

The Wisconsin Star Method helps assess, manage and develop an effective plan of care. This method focuses on a problem and maps out five areas of underlying issues. This holistic approach helps open communication and assures quality care while highlighting individual traits, culture values.


Dietary & Nutrition


Provide meals to meet each resident’s need that are therapeutic, texture modified, nutritious, eye appealing and appetizing.

Resident Choice Meal Plan

Each individual resident shall define his/her quality of life and be encouraged and assisted to maintain a high degree of personal independence. One way Ladysmith Nursing Home meets this mission is to provide a resident choice meal plan. This allows resident to have much more choice in their dining experience. It also better allows the facility staff to adapt to the resident’s lifestyle rather than the resident adapt to the facility’s timeframes. Resident choice is the primary goal of the meal plan. The resident, rather than the facility, will choose when they want to get up in the morning. The resident will choose whether they want to sleep in or get up and enjoy the continental breakfast.

Continental Breakfast Brunch Siesta Snack Supper Night Cap Snack
Offered 7am-9am Served 10:30am Offered 1:30pm Served 4:00pm Served 7:00pm

Social Services

Work with the resident and their family to ensure psychosocial well-being, making sure that resident rights are maintained at all times. Assistance with Medicare and Medicaid insurances is provided. If your need is short term we can assist in evaluating appropriateness and provide information and referrals for placement in various facilities.


Our supportive team consisting of laundry, housekeeping, and maintenance stand ready to assist the residents with their needs and requests. We believe the resident should be able to personalize their surroundings to create a homelike atmosphere.

Life Enrichment

0b5a3452-cabf-4446-9b3d-e0cf073bd00aOften referred to as “Activities” at long term care centers, this is so much more than “entertainment”. Group programs offered, provide a sense of belonging, encourage residents to socialize, make new friends and share life experiences with one another. The activity department at Ladysmith Nursing Home is designed to meet the well being of the residents and their individual needs by providing opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that offer physical exercise, spiritual support, cognitive stimulation and continued involvement in community interests, community events and ongoing friendships.

Daily activities are planned and implemented to incorporate past interests, hobbies and give opportunity to develop new interests, learn new skills, and nurture one’s self esteem and sense of accomplishment.


Day Room


Dining Room





We have the highest regard and nothing but awesome thing to say about The Ladysmith Care Community.  It is an awesome facility but it is the staff that captures your heart and soul and makes it the incredible place that it is.  You can feel the love and compassion and concern just being there; not even being a resident.  They became Mom’s second family and were very dear to her heart.  Too many to name but it shows they love their jobs and are darn good at performing them.  I will always keep them in my prayers for being there for Mom.  They’re just “angels.”

From the Family of Ethel & Tony Paulson

I’m very satisfied with the staff helping me, everyone is very good at helping me when I need it. I’m pleased with all of the activities & my exercise program. The food is good, if I don’t care for something, they will give me something different. I appreciate getting my hair set after my shower. I have good friends & we sit together for meals.
Theresa Joswiak

Your thoughtfulness means a lot to us – More than we can say – And our warm appreciation comes with this thank-you note today.  Thank you for the lovely plant and your professional & kind care.
The Agnes Adomaitis Family

Ladysmith Nursing Home definitely was the right decision for our situation with mother having a severe stroke. Mother has been there for 4 ½ years and loves it with a private room. The care is excellent. The nurses do so well in communicating with us concerning her issues. They also look out for out dad who comes in every day to see mom. We highly recommend Ladysmith Nursing Home to anyone.
Willard Martin, Son of resident

You have wonderful caring staff and I am very thankful that we chose you to take care of our mother. Everyone is so kind, compassionate and caring and provide a home like atmosphere as much as possible.
Jim Spielman, Son of resident

I don’t have to cook, clean, grocery shop or do laundry. This is great!
Jean Sieck

Your nursing home is one of the best! I have had a very pleasant experience with the Ladysmith Nursing Home and all it’s staff. My mother, Helen Aspseter, has been a resident since the end of July of 2010. I feel she is getting excellent care for all her needs!! She takes part in many of the outstanding activities which includes her talent for playing the piano for several events. She eats well for her age of 101! I appreciate how much I am updated and contacted concerning all her medical needs.
Bonnie Hoffman, Daughter of resident

We’ve been very pleased with the care at the Ladysmith Nursing Home. The meals have been excellent & my mother very much enjoys the staff at the Ladysmith Nursing home. They have been very efficient notifying us of any health issues.
John Duzy, Son of resident

They keep you busy so you sleep at night. The games are fun. People are friendly. I like it here.
Clara Teele

I am well please with the care my mother is receiving; I know she is! The periodic conferences with the staff supervisors are very informative. Keep up the good work!
Robert Parmley, Son of resident

Dear Mike & Cheryl & Nursing Home Staff –
A very belated thank you for the care and caring you gave to Mom when she was with you in December & January. ….From my very first visit to the Ladysmith Nursing Home, your personnel just walked me through every step. And while she was there, we were kept informed at all times and called when we needed to return on one occasion.
You “guys” are the very best – Thank you to all of you!
Vera McAdow, Daughter of former resident

Thanks! … for all your special help in helping our mom, Anne Burke, for the past few years of her life. You treated her and others with loving care and kindness. Thank you so much for taking good care of her.
Leslie Burke Rowser, Daughter of former resident

My mother was sent to your facility for rehabilitation. I stayed with her a great deal of time and had the opportunity to observe your employees as they performed their duties. I was so impressed with the nursing and CNA staff. The facility is beautiful and clean; the food, delicious! I would consider having you change your name to “The Compassionate Care Facility”. In addition – your social worker and administrative staff could not have helped us more. Thanks to all of you!
Rita Rozak, Daughter of former resident